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Advanced Business skills: How to win and keep your customers

This one-day, advanced course builds upon the material covered in the Introductory Course and covers specific skills, that when honed, can increase your business and help you more effectively win and retain customers. Prerequisite: Introduction to Sales for Translators & Interpreters. The course is conducted by a renowned translation and localisation industry trainer Jessica Rathke.

Module 1: Compelling Customer Communications

Learn how to initiate contact and communicate with clients in a compelling way. We will cover best practices for initiating contact via phone calls and then cover compelling emails and proposals..

Module 2: The Art of Negotiation

Negotiating is one of the most difficult and stressful aspects of the sales person’s job. However, there are ways to reduce the associated stress that empower yourself be a better negotiator. Preparation is key and you will come away from this session knowing how to prepare for customer negotiation and how to deal with common tactics customers use to get concessions from you.

Module 3: Account Management to Ensure a Secure Revenue Stream

Master the art of account management, particularly focusing on how to increase your reach within existing customers through follow-on (implied need) selling and formal referral programs. We’ll also brainstorm ways to keep customers engaged and interested in your services through proven account management principles.

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