Lingvajet is a Training and Translation company offering short-term intensive training courses for Translators and Interpreters

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Translation Marketing Skills

Lingvajet is happy to offer the following sales & marketing training sessions to all freelance translators and interpreters:  Client Conversations that Increase Profitability for Translators & Interpreters and Advanced Client Relations Skills to Maximise Profits for Translators & Interpreters.  The courses, which will be led by industry veteran, Jessica Rathke, are offered in conjunction with L10N Sales & Marketing.

Why Should You Attend?

You want to take a more pro-active approach to promoting your services to end clients and agencies to increase your income, but need guidance to achieve this.  These courses are designed to help you achieve this objective.  More specifically you will come away from the courses:

  • Understanding what drives end customer behaviour and how your services meet their needs
  • Knowing how to promote your services and get found by end clients and agencies
  • Having a toolkit to help you convince customers to choose you over other suppliers
  • Having strategies in place to mitigate pricing pressures

How We Achieve This

We take very practical, industry-specific approach by developing a greater commercial understanding of the industry and building upon this to help you develop tools to promote your business.  We start by evaluating current market dynamics and its strong impact on customer behaviour and purchasing decisions.  We then turn to understanding sales concepts—what sales is and isn’t in today’s world—and how they can be applied in a non-threatening way to a freelance environment.

With these basics in mind, we then investigate how you can win business from end customers and agencies alike.  We do this by defining a target market and key individuals within that market, establishing their buying criteria and  matching your services to fulfil their need.   The business case we develop together will serve as foundation for your value proposition and visibility (marketing) plan.  Together we will develop cost-effective and easy-to-implement plan that will make it easy for customers to find you, learn about your services and understand why they should choose you over another service provider.

 For dates and course outlines please see below: