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Legal Translation

Legal Translation

Inaccurate legal translation may affect the fairness of decisions in case of contractual disputes, litigations or legal advice. Mistranslations of the documents which will be used in court may ruin people’s carriers and even lives. This is why all Lingvajet translators involved in legal translations have at least 5 years of experience in the subject matter, and most of them have additional legal degree.

We offer our expertise of linguistic and training services in legal translation gained over 25 years of work in the field. Our market edge is our professionalism and the quality associated with it. We guarantee all our work in terms of quality and meet the highest standard in the industry by applying rigorous quality assurance processes and procedures.


Confidentiality is in the core of our business philosophy. It is specifically related to all legal translations we provide to our clients. All our associates are well briefed and work under the obligation of legally binding confidentiality agreement signed prior to being given any jobs. If necessary, our translators work strictly in our office using our computers, and after the translation is completed, we delete all documents from our computers. As an agency, we will be glad to sign a confidentiality agreement with you, worded as you wish if you require us to do so.


  • To provide a complex translation solutions for the client’s translation needs whereby all necessary documents are translated as a ‘package’
  • To achieve a ‘fit for purpose’ final product where:
  1.      - The accuracy of the translated text guarantees adequate rendering of the original
  2.      - The terminology is consistently used in line with the project glossary of terms and abbreviations
  3.      - The documents are in their finalised version – ready to be used by the client without any further involvement
  4.      - The latest computer technology for translation memory and other IT tools is fully utilised in the process
  • To meet the client’s deadlines

Quality is our passion!
How we do it?

PEOPLE: Scrupulous selection of our associates

  • We have an elaborate system of testing both at entrance level and throughout our collaboration with all our translators
  • We insist that they demonstrate continuous professional development engagement

PROCESSES: Extensive quality assurance processes

  • We never let even the smallest and simplest of the jobs to be handed over without being checked. Every text is seen by at least two people. In the majority of cases we have three levels of checks.
  • We offer various tools to help our translators work in accordance with best quality standards, up to date style guides, various consultation tools etc.

TECHNOLOGY: Utilisation of the best software: SDL Trados translation memory is our standard

  • Dramatically improving both quality and efficiency it allows all previous translations to be stored for future re-use so that the same sentence never needs to be translated twice. Incidentally, this ensures consistency in terminology so important for technical writing

Turn key” approach

  • Our “Turn key” approach encompasses the following stages
  • Analysis of needs and consulting regarding possible means of integrating the translation product into the customer’s technological cycle
  • Assignment of a dedicated manager to the client
  • Formulation of a project group including both staff and freelance translators
  • Creation of a supply chain convenient for the client, including agreement of both working time zones; discussion of peculiarities of the information media via which files will be transmitted and received (e-mail, FTP, i-Pie information system, or client information system); supervision and project progress reporting system
  • Continuous case management, integration of additional services into the package of available services
  • Rigorous quality assurance process throughout the cycle and full responsibility for the quality undertaken by Lingvajet.