Lingvajet is a Training and Translation company offering short-term intensive training courses for Translators and Interpreters

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Recruitment Terms and Conditions

Short-Term Recruitment Terms and Conditions

  1. 1.   Relevance

Lingvajet is a company specialised in translation and interpreting, training and other associate services. These Terms and Conditions relate to all temporary contractors and subcontractors (further ‘Associates’) employed by Lingvajet to carry out various temporary assignments. All associates employed by Lingvajet on temporary basis by signing the assignment order are bound by these Terms and Conditions. The latter do not apply to Lingvajet permanent staff whose terms are stipulated in the relevant personal employment contracts.

  1. 2.   Accepting a commission

All associates registered in Lingvajet database must provide detailed information about their qualifications and experience. It is entirely the associate’s responsibility if the information provided is incorrect, dishonest or not full. Furthermore, it is the associate’s responsibility to determine whether the assignment commissioned by Lingvajet is within their competence, and whether their experience in the field will allow them to complete it at an adequate standard. If that is concluded not to be the case the associate must not accept the commission.

  1. 3.   Rate disclosure

An associate commissioned by Lingvajet on a temporary assignment must not disclose to Lingvajet’s clients and other members of the public any financial information in relation to an assignment including but not limited to rates of pay, discounts, and other charges or any other financial information relating to Lingvajet and available to the associate at any time.

  1. 4.   Purchase Order

All associates contracted by Lingvajet on a temporary basis shall receive a Purchase Order as an authorisation for the work to be undertaken. If no Purchase Order has been provided, the work is deemed not to be contractually agreed, and Lingvajet shall not be liable to payment for the carried out work or any costs associated with it.

  1. 5.   Confidentiality

All assignments commissioned by Lingvajet must be regarded as confidential and prior to commencing any work all associates employed by Lingvajet must sign a Confidentiality Agreement as supplier by Lingvajet and forms a part of contract with Lingvajet together with the Purchase Order. All materials and information sources received by an associate of Lingvajet in relation to the assignment are to be treated as strictly confidential and upon completion of the assignment returned or destroyed in a safe manner. Associates shall not disclose any information they may acquire through an assignment to a third party, nor shall they approach any client of Lingvajet at any point while carrying out of an assignment or at any point in the future without the express written permission of Lingvajet.

  1. 6.   Payment

The Purchase Order shall contain all the details of the work to be performed. The price specified in the Purchase Order shall be the final price for the work commissioned by Lingvajet and shall be reflected as such in the invoice issued to Lingvajet upon completion of the assignment. All rates should be provided in British pounds sterling.

  1. 7.   Solicitation

Associates of Lingvajet shall not in any manner solicit, nor accept any work proposition in any manner made by a client, or an affiliate of Lingvajet  who were made available to the associate by Lingvajet, without an express written permission from Lingvajet. Any contacts with Lingvajet’s clients for whom the assignment is to be performed shall only be made via Lingvajet.

  1. 8.   Warranty

The warranty period for any work done is 12 months from the date of the work completion. In the event Lingvajet Ltd discovers any errors, defects or failure in the work done during the warranty period, it will notify you about such errors, defects or failure in writing. Upon the receipt of such notification from Lingvajet you hereby agree to immediately at your own cost rectify or, at the option of Lingvajet, replace or re-perform any defective work, and carry out all associate work. Should you fail or refuse to perform any remedial work within ten (10) working days of having been notified thereof in writing by Lingvajet, or, if immediate correction is not possible, fail or refuse to commence and diligently pursue such remedial action within the said period of ten (10) working days from the date of such notification, Lingvajet, at its sole option, shall be entitled to undertake or procure a THIRD PARTY to undertake such remedial work and recover all costs (including incidental costs) incurred in so doing from you.

  1. 9.   Cancellation of Purchase Order by a Lingvajet’s client

Should any assignment be cancelled by a Lingvajet’s client due to the associate’s associate subcontractor’s fault, incompetence or failure to deliver the service on time, no payment shall be made to the associate.