Lingvajet is a Training and Translation company offering short-term intensive training courses for Translators and Interpreters

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At Lingvajet we have many years experience working in various translation and interpreting environments. We realise how important it is to continually develop and keep up-to-date with changes in your subject area. After gathering feedback and listening to what translators and interpreters need, we have developed a range of short-term, intensive courses aimed at specific subject areas. These courses form part of your continual professional development needs and have been developed to provide practical, detailed information on your chosen area of expertise. 

Please take a look at the courses we are currently offering, we will be updating and adding to this list constantly. If you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact us;


If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let us know. It is only through continual communication and research that Lingvajet can continue to provide relevant CPD courses.

Code  Course Title Highlight  Upcoming dates
C1001 Terminology Management and Glossaries for freelance translatorsThis course is designed to streamline and simplify your terminology management. The use of CAT tools will be integral in this course.  upcoming dates
C1002 Terminology Management and Glossaries for corporate translation teamsLearn about the best practises and most effective ways for LSPs and corporate clients to work together.  upcoming dates
C1003 CAT tools explained and comparedLearn about the various CAT tools on the market and find out the advantages of using software. This course also highlights common errors and mistakes and how to avoid them - perfect for CAT tool beginners and experienced translators.  upcoming dates
C1004A Translating in AutoCAD for BeginnersThis course is specifically adapted for technical translators and only contains information required to be able to translate drawings created by engineers. The course is given by a very experienced translator who has also been trained as a professional AutoCad user. upcoming dates
C1004B Translating in AutoCAD for Experienced usersTraining is delivered by a very experienced user of AutoCAD and highlights the most useful functionalities of the software which technical translators should know.  upcoming dates
C1005 Multilingual Corporations: Building a strong and efficient linguist teamThis course has been developed for corporate clients who would like to learn more about the best practices and processes of building a strong and efficient translation team.  upcoming dates
C1006 Multilingual Corporations: Translation Process Management for managersDeveloped by Lingvajet, this course explores the development of work flows for specific corporate environment to ensure a happy and effective translation team. upcoming dates
C1007 Practical memory training for consecutive interpretersBased on real life experience this course look at how to minimise stress and maximise efficiency in the life of a consecutive interpreter.  upcoming dates
C1008 Practical memory training for conference interpretersWith years of experience Lingvajet has designed this course to offer practical real-life solutions to help conference interpreters. upcoming dates
C1009 Effective Interpreters notesLingvajet has collected most valuable information from experienced interpreters and, together with one of most professional interpreters, developed a course aimed at giving the interpreters a logical way of using the note taking techniques.  upcoming dates
C1010 Electrical Engineering for Processing Industries such as Oil & GasThis course is intended for translators / interpreters who would like to receive an overview of what electrical equipment is applied at oil and gas fields, how it works and interfaces with other equipment, what you need to keep in mind when translating electrical texts into various languages. upcoming dates
C1011 Oil & Gas translation specifics - GeologyThis course is intended for translators / interpreters who would like to receive an overview of geological science in oil and gas industry. upcoming dates
C1012 Oil & Gas translation specifics - GeophysicsReceive an overview of geophysical science in oil and gas industry. The course is given by a highly professional geophysicist with many years of experience in oil & gas industry and specifically adapted for non-technical specialists. upcoming dates
C1013 Mechanical Engineering for Processing Industries such as Oil & GasThis course offers an overview for non-technical translators/interpreters into the mechanical parts of the oil and gas industry.  upcoming dates
C1014 Oil & Gas Translation – Economics and Value Assurance of Oil & Gas ProjectThis course is intended for those who would like to get an overview of the oil & gas project economics.  upcoming dates
C1015 Oil & Gas Translation – Pressurised EquipmentThis course is intended for translators / interpreters who feel the need to improve their understanding of pressurised equipment.  upcoming dates
C1016 Oil & Gas Translation – Well Planning and ConstructionOur trainers (a very experienced engineer and a professional translator) have developed this course tailored to answering many difficult questions translators / interpreters might come across in their work. upcoming dates
C1018 Oil & Gas Translation – ProcessThe course offers an excellent grounding in the subject matter which will help you achieve high quality translation of oil & gas texts. upcoming dates
C1019 Oil & Gas Translation – Instrumentation and ControlThis course is intended for translators / interpreters who feel the need to improve their understanding of instrumentation and control systems. upcoming dates