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VIP Accompanying

VIP Accompanying

To make your trip to the UK comfortable and problem free, you can be accompanied by Lingvajet team throughout your trip. Our VIP accompanying includes the following services:

  • • Transfer: we can offer you transfer from and to any destination in the UK and provide you with any type of transfer, starting from standard and first class ticket bookings for trains or basses, or standard taxi and throughout to a car of any class with personal driver who will speak your language! We also can help you to hire your own car and make your personal journey in the UK with our guidance and support. Just let us know what is your need, and we’ll be with you to help!
  • • Provision of accompanying personnel: best drivers, personal interpreters, translators, tourist guides, personal assistants, photographers and other specialists speaking your language will be with you for the whole duration or any part of your trip, be it a business or private event.
  • • Personal accompanying during health care trips, including the whole range of services described here.
  • • Wide range of entertainment bookings: tickets for theatre performances, concerts, sport events, fashion events, club parties and literary to any event you can imagine. Just contact us and our consultants will give you full information, which is really difficult and time-consuming if you try to find it yourself.
  • • Education support: we can find and help to get a place at any private school, college or University. We can also provide personal accompanying of students for the whole duration or any part of educational trip, including the whole range of services described here, be it just a transfer or help with a doctor search and visit or any private order in accordance with your individual requirements.
  • • Hotel booking and every type of support during your stay in the hotels. We also can help your children to be accommodated in a British family in order to make their stay in the UK and their studying of English most effective and practically achievable.
  • • Group and individual tours including the whole range of services described here.• Holiday booking throughout the UK in the most beautiful, interesting and historically significant places and hotels. Just contact us, and you will be amazed by the choice! We are true experts in this country. Our team will be happy to make your fantastic offers, and you will be happy to see the prices too!
  • • Shopping accompanying: our team a real professionals in shopping! Yes, this activity can also be professional and our specialist will speak your language and will be able to meet most exquisite requirements and get most of your shopping in terms of taste, quality, money and quantities! We know what to offer our clients!
  • • Meeting organisation and support: just tell us what you need and we will be happy to arrange a meeting or event of any type for you, be it a business conference, a meeting with your business partner, or just a private party. Our team will be with you for the whole duration of the event to help with any requirement you might have!

 We can hardly describe the range of services we can offer you as part of our “VIP Accompanying” package. Just contact us and let us know your requirements, and we will definitely help you!

You might think that your personnel or personal assistants might perform these tasks, but we real experts in the local environment and situation, and we will manage to perform the task much quicker and effectively, and will be able to offer your choices which are very difficult and sometimes impossible to find without the local content knowledge!

All it takes is to send your quotation request form by clicking here, email us at or call us on +44 (0)20 88 99 6705 during office hours and we will be happy to offer you the best way forward!

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