Bespoke Translation Training

Apart from the standard courses which you can buy on our website and attend at our London-based training centre, we can tailor trainings for a number of corporate environments, including oil and gas, automotive industry, computing, finance, banking, economics, law, medicine, pharmaceutics, electronics and more. For more information please contact us through our emal: or call us on: + 44 (0)203 8594 860.


Why choose Lingvajet?

– Throughout our years working in the translation industry we have developed an in-depth understanding of the needs of various professional fields and industries in terms of continuous professional development (CPD). Our aim is to continually research the current needs in professional development and develop translation courses that fulfil these within the framework of short, intensive training with an emphasis on developing practical skills.

– We consolidate existing professional knowledge obtained during study and practise.

– Based on research, we have come to realise that problems can arise through either a lack of expert knowledge in a particular subject area or a lack of linguistic skills to deliver that knowledge by creating a coherent and technically competent text or speech. In our short-term courses we aim to address these gaps by providing a specific focus and solution to these shortfalls.

– Many of our courses have 2 trainers – a professional from a particular area of expertise and a translator / interpreter with extensive experience in the same area of expertise. This synergy helps to cover the specific subject areas in full and makes the course complete.

– Adapting our courses to a specific corporate environment we strive to find a tailor-made solution based on the client’s needs. All our courses are designed with real people in mind.

– We can offer you a course in our London-based training centre or our trainers can come to your office in any part of the world.

– We carefully select and develop course materials for every single course. Our trainers will never offer you randomly picked newspapers articles or outdated texts. You will always be offered the materials which will be most relevant to the subject matter and will practically applicable to your area of expertise.


If you have a course in mind that your company might require, please contact us, and we will be more than happy to discuss and create a bespoke training programme specifically designed to improve the productivity of your team. We have a number of experienced professional trainers who would be happy to work with you.

To view a list of our current Bespoke courses, please click here.

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