Dubbing or voice-over means inserting a new soundtrack, often a synchronised translation of the original dialogue, into a film, presentation, TV programme, commercial or TV ad, animation, etc.

Lingvajet provides top quality lip-sync dubbing for various TV, radio, telephone or any other multimedia projects. Our network of experienced voiceover artists work in different languages, dialects and accents. Projects they have worked on include:

  • TV/radio commercials and trailers
  • TV features
  • Computer games
  • Industrial narratives
  • Corporate videos
  • Training and educational materials
  • Telephone announcements
  • Airport messages, etc

Dubbing or voice-over services include:

  • Original Translation
  • Translation editing
  • Time-coding
  • Complete dubbing
  • Soundtrack dubbing

We can also:

  • Transcribe the original master file
  • Translate the script
  • Insert time codes
  • Check existing subtitles on-site in all languages.

Lingvajet project managers manage the entire process and help you cast and select voices, arrange translations, schedule the dubbing process and ensure timely delivery of the finished media product.

More information about our dubbing or voice-over service is available, please email translations@lingvajet.co.uk or call the office on +44 (0) 20 3859 4860.

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