Editing and Proofreading

Lingvajet provides a comprehensive editing, proofreading and verifying service for translations.

You may wish to check the accuracy of your translation provider’s work or you may want it checked against the original document. We can proofread or for a complete quality control we can translate your document and have it proofread by an independent party, much like back translation.

  • Back translation is when we translate the foreign language document back to the original language to test the translation.

Our professional editors and proof-readers are also trained to spot any errors involving figures, misplaced captions or headings, tables of contents, typographical mistakes or misspellings that may have been overlooked by spell-check tools and any other inconsistencies. We also test the cohesion and style of the documents and compare each part of the original document to ensure that the translation is contextually correct.

When proofreading or editing all changes are clearly highlighted. Our proofreaders are independent native speakers who are specialist in their particular subject area. Our proofreading service is available in all major languages.

To enquire further about our editing and proofreading service, please emailtranslations@lingvajet.co.uk or call the office on + 44 (0) 20 3859 4860.

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