Localisation uses both linguistic and cultural knowledge to make a translation as appropriate to your audience as possible. It ensures idiomatic accuracy and the right tone, this helps prevent linguistic or cultural mistakes which could be perceived as offensive.

Localisation adapts every part of a product or service, document, website, speech, leaflets, software package or presentation to the most appropriate cultural and technical references. Spellings, colloquial phrases, weights and measures, currencies, date and time formats and presentation expectations can all differ from country to country.

Our professional cultural advisors examine logos, brands, product names, etc and ensure they are acceptable in the specific countries you are targeting. They offer alternatives and suggestions when required.

Cross-cultural analysis for multinational products, brands and services for specific markets and double checking political, social, religious, educational, linguistic and technological connotations will ensure the continued success of your project, product or brand.

Lingvajet offers:

  • Source site/documentation versus translated version.
  • Translation memory.
  • Initial audit of material.
  • Market testing.
  • Brand testing.

For more information about our Localisation service please emailtranslations@lingvajet.co.uk or call +44 (0) 20 3859 4860.

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