Meet the Team

We passionately believe that the success of our business is in the hands of the people we involve in it. Therefore, we are proud to select only the best professionals able to demonstrate their education background and credentials. We do not stop there – we assess rigorously our potential suppliers with carefully designed set of tests. Moreover, many of our associates are members of various professional bodies of the UK and of other countries of the world.

All our professionals have University Degrees in their specialist area and at least 3 years’ of experience in their specific field of expertise.

We are adamant that a good professional is only the one who is engaged in continuous professional development and it is a requirement that our suppliers were able to demonstrate this. Moreover, Lingvajet is actively engaged in organising CPD coursers providing access to them for all our suppliers.

Quality Is Our Market Edge

We offer our expertise of linguistic and training services in technical, legal, economy and many other areas of business, science and community life gained over 25 years of work in the field. Our market edge is our professionalism and the quality associated with it. We guarantee all our work in terms of quality and meet the highest standard in the industry by applying rigorous quality assurance processes and procedures.

Lingvajet strictly follows international quality standard ISO9001 and other specific to each area of work international and European standards. Based on those we have drawn our own quality assurance and quality control procedures and strive to follow it to the letter.

Our linguists are our main value

Since most our services have linguistic component, be it translation or interpreting service per se or training services, which all have bilingual basis, or VIP accompanying based on deep knowledge of English and the related culture and environment, we are especially proud of the best linguists we have both in our core team and our vast database.

Most our linguists are the members of The Institute of Linguists (IoL) in the UK, The Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) in the UK, The International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC), The Association of American Translators (ATA), and other countries’ professional bodies.

Here we would like to stress out to our customers to be beware of translation providers who will promise you the sky! Every professional will tell you that one can only specialise in only several subject areas and it is rare that one can translate from many languages. This is where we come useful. We have audited carefully our associates and can substantiate our promise with a vast network of translators based all over the world but with proven set of skills and experience. We will listen carefully to your needs and specific requirements and match them with the right people. Moreover, a project manager will be allocated for your job and through close communication with your operatives we will meet every need and cover every requirement.

All our translators are native speakers who are able to convey all meanings and subtleties of the original in the target language ensuring that the translated text is an adequate rendering of the original on all possible levels.

We are also aware that no one can be an expert in all subject areas; therefore, we test our translators and allocate jobs only to those who are well versed in the respective field. We have a vast database of many areas of business, sciences and community life.

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