Multilingual Voiceover

Lingvajet provides high quality lip-sync dubbing for broadcasting, advertising and film, including, but not limited to, following areas:

  • TV and radio commercials
  • Broadcast and industrial narrations
  • Commercial film trailers
  • Voice-overs on documentaries and news
  • Narration for industrial and multimedia projects
  • Telephone prompts/ announcements
  • Computer games
  • Corporate videos
  • TV features
  • Training and educational materials
  • Airport messages
  • Lift announcements

We have a great database of highly skilled voiceover artists working in a multitude of different languages, dialects and accents.

Send your quotation request form by clicking here, email us at or call us on +44 (0)20 3859 4860 during office hours and we will be happy to offer you the best way forward!

Lingvajet Working Languages and Areas of Expertise

Our vast database of audited translators, interpreters, editors, copywriters, voiceover professionals and other linguists allow us to provide services for all major languages used in business. We will endeavour to find you the right translator for the language pair you are interested in. As a standard, we use localisation techniques and native speakers to ensure our work is not only accurate but also appropriate in style and tone, whatever the format.

We supply highly trained experienced interpreters to clients in the oil & gas, engineering, design, legal, general business, finance and other industries for corporate, public and private clients. They can work either remotely with a telephone or internet link or on-site at your request. Our interpreters work between all major business languages and also community languages spoken in and around the UK.

A Solution tailored to your needs

Each project big or small goes through a careful assessment process. We make sure that before matching you with the right people, negotiating the deadlines and quoting you the right price we have studied the task at hand very carefully. We may ask you additional questions and carry out research into the area or investigate possibility for utilising resources already available. We will be honest in reporting back our assessment and letting you make a decision. We believe in honesty and mutual cooperation in achieving positive goals.


Confidentiality is in the core of our business philosophy. All our associates are well briefed and work under the obligation of legally binding confidentiality agreement signed prior to being given any jobs. As an agency, we will be glad to sign a confidentiality agreement with you, worded as you wish if you require us to do so.

A project manager for every client

To ensure that all of our projects run to expectation and to deadline, we assign dedicated project managers to each client. Based on our experience, this guarantees quality, continuity and consistency in the service we provide. It also makes communication between you and us easier. We are here to listen to your needs and to find the best way of meeting them.

Project managers select suitable professionals, who can offer the relevant skills, qualifications and an expert knowledge of the subject area involved. When possible, we try to use the same linguists for each client, so that linguistic continuity and consistency are assured.

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