Subtitling is the printed translation of the dialogue in films and television programmes, usually visible at the bottom of the screen. Translating subtitles is very different to translating written text. Often the translator does not have the script instead they watch the picture and listens to the audio sentence by sentence.

There are a number of important considerations the translator has to be aware of:

  • They must preserve the meaning of the spoken word but adapt for written subtitles. This means they must be aware of the audience.
  • Subtitles need to be quick to read.
  • Subtitles generally appear in two-line blocks and this must be considered.

Lingvajet’s experienced translators are aware of the importance of meaning over form and purpose over form. They can get the message across in an accurate manner.

For more information about our Subtitling service, service please email or call the office on +44 (0) 20 3859 4860.

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