Many thank you for the slides and the voucher. I truly enjoyed the course and found the information interesting and valuable. Thank you once again for your assistance during the course: very much appreciated.

Marina Kurina
attended private Lingvajet training course

Very good course. Natalia is a professional instructor who is clearly an expert in SDL Trados Studio. The course is fast paced and extremely informative, covering everything from fundamentals to actual translations. Excellent presentation of the material, help and support from the instructor when needed. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to get the most out of this brilliant piece of software.

Katia Ozernova
OGN Group, attended private company training by Lingvajet

Lingvajet provided very professional and reliable service during the translation of the engineering deliverables for our project. The scope included translation of the drawings in Autocad and Microstation as well as MS word documents and excel spreadsheets. The translation was completed within the agreed timeframe and at a discounted rate using Trados software. Lingvajet team proved to be experienced in translating engineering documents hence the number of clarification of technical terms was minimum which helped our team to focus on engineering. We contined working with Lingvajet or ad-hoc translation of various technical as well as commerical documents. I would definitely recomment Lingvajet to anyone who is looking for a professional translation.

Aleksey Buzuev
client of Lingvajet translation services, review on FreeIndex

There are too many good points to list! “Basic Knowledge of Corporate Structure and Corporate Documents” course was very relevant to my job and will help me in most aspects of my work. The trainer was very experienced, knowledgeable and able to explain difficulty to understand subjects in simple terms. Training objectives were clearly explained and achieved.

Nailya Kerimova
attended Lingvajet training course

Excellent lectures. Thank you for the wonderful training course. I really enjoyed it.

Yury Tsetsarouv
attended private Lingvajet training course

I really enjoyed the training last week, I learned so much! Thanks for your patience and positivity with which you delivered the training.

Irene Perkounigg
attended Lingvajet training course

It was a very informative and educational course. The setting was very helpful and instructors are very dedicated to their goal which is giving the trainees the best of their knowledge. I had a lovely experience on this course.

Adbulmajeed Darriz
attended private Lingvajet training course

I just wanted to thank you for doing such a fantastic job with Vitaliy last week, you were really great and it was a pleasure to have you around as part of the team.

Cassie Machado
client of Lingvajet interpreting services

Natalia (Lingvajet) has worked for me on a contract basis for the last 5 years. We have always found her to be very professional and accurate, whether in meetings, performing face-to-face translation or translating technical and commerical reports. We have found Natalia always gives a professional, accurate and fast service. We are very happy to recommend Natalia Pozharskaya.

Dan Turner
Lingvajet translation/interpreting services client

We all enjoyed the course and I feel that we did learn a lot. I will most likely be in touch this week if I have any queries or come across something that is not clear. It is very good that we can contact you about this.

Anna Peters
ITF Languages Unit, International Transport Workers Federation, participated in Corporate Lingvajet training course

I had a great time in London. My highlight was meeting you and getting to know more about Trados.

Hind Motlaq Alotaibi
attended 3 days of Lingvajet training courses

Thank you very much for the extremely useful training course. I use Trados already but have to look up some things again as we discussed. I received your emails so now I have plenty material to work with. Thanks again for everything!

Géza Tószegi
attended tailor-made Lingvajet training course

Thank you for your brilliant presentation of the course.

Alexandra Kenna
Freelance Translator, attended Lingvajet training course

I had an interesting day and am sure that what I learnt will be of use in near future.

Sara Rasekh
English & Languages, attended Lingvajet training course

If you need information about any of our courses or services offered, please contact us at translations@lingvajet.co.uk or courses@lingvajet.co.uk and we will be happy to help.

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