Continuous Professional Development Training Courses for Translators and Interpreters

Lingvajet is a London-based professional training company specialised in professional CPD courses for translators and other bilingual specialists in various subject areas. Our training courses are primarily held in London but we also travel internationally to our client’s offices. We have developed a number of popular standard courses and also offer bespoke corporate courses based on an individual company’s needs and requirements.

Our courses are aimed at companies wishing to upskill their employees or individuals interested in furthering their careers. Lingvajet translation courses will help you increase your knowledge and your reputation for reliability through developing a deeper understanding of the subject area, improving your practical skills and ensuring you are aware of the most up-to-date advancements in translation and interpreting technology.

Why choose Lingvajet?

– Expertise: all our courses are taught by established professionals with relevant experience in the chosen subject area.

– Timing: our courses are designed to provide continuous professional development for experienced translators or interpreters through short, intensive courses focusing on well-researched, relevant subject areas of the respective professional field.

– Practical skills: Lingvajet strive to ensure that each course provides a solid, practical platform for improving existing skills and creating new skills.

– Live discussion: you will have an opportunity to discuss any issues that might be of interest to you in a specific subject area in a class-room environment. For practical training we believe the class-room format is the most beneficial.

– CPD points: you have an opportunity to achieve CPD (continuous professional development) points, which are a membership requirement for all translation & interpreting professional bodies.

– Great location: for customers who live outside London this is an opportunity to visit Kingston upon Thames, a beautiful historic town while at the same time, updating or acquiring new skills.

– Course materials: we carefully select and develop course materials for every single course. Our trainers will never offer you randomly picked newspapers articles or outdated texts. You will always be offered the materials which will be most relevant to the subject matter and will practically applicable to your area of expertise.

If you would like to attend our translation training courses, look at the Standard Training and Bespoke Training pages.

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