Working with us

We are always delighted to hear from those who would like to work for us. If you are interested in applying to work for Lingvajet, please register your details here and complete our online application form.

All potential services suppliers should get at least 2 references, the form of wich you can find by clicking here. Give your referees this link and ask them to fill in the form online.

We will really appreciate if you fill in all details. This will allow us to find most appropriate assignments for you fast and effectively.

As soon as you register in Lingvajet database, your account will be created for you. You can use your username (email address) and password to add or change any of your details any time. If you forgot your username or password, just use an option “Forgot your username/password?” and a reminder will be sent to your email address.

Lingvajet is happy to offer work experience/job placement positions and assignments for young professionals. We are interested developing young people’s skills and qualifications up to fully-fledged professionals and give them an opportunity to acquire appropriate experience in their area of interest. If you are interested, please fill in the registration form. 

Please read carefully and accept Lingvajet Terms and Conditions before you fill in your application form. Any forms that do not meet Lingvajet requirements will be rejected and deleted from the system with respective notification of the applicant. We receive large volumes of applications every day and meeting our requirements will save your time. 

After you will be accepted by our system, we will send you Lingvajet Code of Conduct. Please read it carefully and retain for future reference. Please also sign and send us back the Acceptance Form provided.

The following requirements apply to all assignments performed for Lingvajet Limited:

Please only accept work is you know this will be within your competence. Lingvajet reserves the right to reject any work which is not up to the good practice standard without making a payment. Please inform Lingvajet immediately if you think that the work you have been commissioned is not within your competence.

You will receive a Purchase Order for every assignment. Please do not commence any assignment without signing it and sending back to us.

Any work commissioned by Lingvajet must be regarded as confidential. You shall be requested to sign a Confidentiality Agreement as part of your Purchase Order.

We always confirm prices on the Purchase Order. We usually pay invoices within two months following the month of the invoice. If you provide us with your bank details we will be able to process your payment faster. We can also pay using Paypal.

We only accept applications with relevant qualifications in the services proposed. You should be able to provide us with appropriate certificates, diplomas or any other proves of qualification for each particular service. If you specify how many years of experience you have for each particular service, you should be able to prove this information.

Please provide us with 3 reference forms in the areas of your expertise. The applicants who apply for placement jobs should provide us with relevant educational body references.  Please note that your referees should only have direct professional relations with you. No references will be accepted from members of family or friends.

All CVs should be only submitted in English.

The applicant should be computer literate and have all relevant IT equipment to perform assignments.

All applications should only be submitted via our website. We don’t accept any applications by phone, mail or email.

You should upload you rates and pricelist in UK sterling (£) only for any services proposed.

If you have a query on any piece of work, please contact Lingvajet.

If you have any problems, please tell your Project Manager as soon as they arise using the contact details from your Purchase Order.

You are legally required to retain electronic copies of all Purchase Order and assignments completed for Lingvajet for a period of five years.

You should be aware that if you are not a Lingvajet PAYE or permanent employee, you are responsible for your own tax declarations, VAT and national insurance.


Lingvajet team will be happy to have long, productive and mutually beneficial relations with you!